Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So it has been about 2 weeks, but I wanted to show you pictures from our great trip to Houston.  You see, we had been waiting for Gracie to arrive and thankfully she came a little early!  We left Friday, August 6th, to spend a few days with family.
Here is sweet Gracie!  Hunter was the first to hold her!  He had been talking about holding her ever since he found out she was here on Tuesday.  When he sees pictures of Gracie he says, "I want to hold her again!"  

So sweet!!  

We love you, Gracie! 

Gracie and her Momma!

Maggie with Gracie... Maggie didn't know what to do because she was crying.  Doesn't Mag look sooo big!  

On Saturday, we went to Ben's old pool to swim.  We didn't have to many pictures... Sorry!  But Maggie fell asleep.  She was even in the water asleep.  Here she is "laying out".  She didn't want to get any tan lines, ya know! =)

On Sunday we went...

Okay... maybe not Grand Cayman... I was pretending we were here! 

We went to Galveston and LOVED every minute of it! 

Maggie LOVED it!

Hunter loved playing with David!

I can't get over how much Hunter loved it and he normally doesn't like the water that much! 

Hunter liked jumping over the waves with Daddy the most! 

And hanging out with Grumpy...

and being with David!  

Maggie liked splashing in the water and playing in the sand. 

She also liked eating the sand!  Yummy!  

Hunter and Nana made sand castles! 

Workin' hard!

He became a sand castle pro!


Maggie ate some puffs and watched...

Picnic at the beach!

Hunter liked having a picnic on the beach, too!

Maggie and Nana watched as we all played in the water!  Maggie even took a little nap! 

Throwing sand and showing a little crack! 

Monday we went to the Astro's game!  

Hunter loved it!

And we won, too! 

It was 1... 2... 3 strikes you're out...

"CHARGE"  He loved doing this!  I'm sure the people in front of us didn't like it to much! 

He even got some ice cream in a hat!

All the guys! 

We had a wonderful time in Houston!  Thank you all so much!  We can't wait to come back!  We love you all! 

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