Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thursday in RR...

I am sorry for the week 1/2 of no blogs, but I am finally finishing up with the vacay pics.  I have new pictures of Maggie that I want to share, but I must finish vacation first... So on to Red River! 

Thursday morning Kara, Mike, Ben and I rode on the 4 wheelers to Goose Lake!  We had so much fun! I LOVE riding 4 wheelers, however I must say it is much easer to drive than it is to ride on the back.  Boy did our butts hurt!!!

Here is Ben and me! :)  I love that man! 

And we still have it!!! This was our first time to stunt since... ummm... before I got pregnant with Mag Moe.  Yay!  Ben so didn't want to stunt, but I'm glad I talked him into it!  He was glad we did when we were done! :)

Then on the way back Ben did this! 

We have our initials carved in an Aspen on the way to Goose Lake! :)

So then once we got down and back into RR we had lunch and took Hunter to do...


Isn't he the cutest!!! He LOVED this slide!  

Maggie went with us and watched!  Next time, Maggie, you can go! :)

Daddy took him to the slide on Monday and he talking about going back ever since! 

Yay!  He could have done this all day! 

After the slide it was time for the shoot out!  They have a shoot out every other day at Fry's Old Town.  Hunter was so excited to watch!  I remember going and watching it when I was little! 

Oh yeah and Hunter has a new love... Stewarts Orange Cream Soda!

Here is one of the cowboys in the shoot out!  Hunter loved the part where someone shot someone's pants off.  He still talks about it! 

After the show Hunter got to get his very on sherif's badge! 

And Maggie got one, too! 

Thursday evening we went up to Bob Cat pass and had a "Cowboy evening".  It was a lot of fun.  There was music, good food, and of course cowboy stuff.

Maggie was asleep when we took this picture!  Doesn't Hunter look like a cowboy!?!?!

Should've been a Cowboy! 

This was the entertainer while we were eating.  We also had a camp fire and more music after we ate. 

Hunter with a real cowboy! 

Maggie and Coach about to eat dinner! I love that sweet girl! 

Hunter and Honey went out to play after dinner! 

Look who one of the performers is... "the cowboy who saved my hat!"  Hunter was so excited!  He did a great job, too!  And we found out he is a champion skier.  He also wrote the songs he sang.  He even sang a song about Jesus!  What a wonderful role model!  

By the end of the evening Hunter wanted to do a little roping!  Here he is with his cow.   After a few ropes he thought that cow was to skinny.  He kept going over and getting some hay to feed the cow! :)  Too cute! 

We had a wonderful Thursday!! 

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