Thursday, August 26, 2010

High of 85!

So what do you do when it the high is 85 in the month of August in Abilene...
play outside in the clubhouse!!

I took the kids out yesterday morning... it was soooo nice!  I think the temp was in the 70s!

Then Ben took the kids back out last night after I left for cheer practice!

They LOVED it!  

It was so nice to finally be able to play.  We haven't been out to play in the clubhouse in a while because it has been sooo hott and well... Maggie eats bugs.  But she didn't eat any while I was outside!  Maybe we are done with that stage... I hope! 

So fun!

Gettin' something out of the fridge!  (Note:  She looks like she is walking doesn't she??  Well she could... if she wanted to! She normally chooses to crawl.  She is super fast!)

Sweet Hunter!  He loves being outside!

Don't worry it was nice again today!  We are LOVING this fall like weather!!!  I hope it stays around!

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