Thursday, March 10, 2011

Howdy Partner!

Today was Western Day at school!  Yeehaa!  Hunter was so excited as soon as he got up he HAD to put on his cowboy clothes.  This is a big deal because normally he has to sit watch tv and eat breakfast and then maybe he is ready to get dressed.  Let's just say he's not a morning person. (like his Momma!) But this morning he was ready for school.  
I was so excited this morning because it worked out perfectly!  You see the HSU 6 White Horses were there and it worked out so that I could see both Maggie and Hunter ride!  Yay! 
My class was the first class to ride followed by Maggie's class...
So I got to ride with Maggie!!!  Yay!  
Maggie liked the horse!  She did really well!  She was wearing jeans and a little western shirt with a bandana.  So sweet!  I was going to have her wear her HSU purple dress but it was to cold this morning. 
She really liked petting the horse!  

Then I got stuck riding the horse for a little bit.  I got to ride with a couple of Maggie's friends who couldn't ride alone. :) It was fun! 

Hunter's class came out to ride the horses during my class's music time... Perfect!! 
My little cowboy!  He had to wear his Red River vest and hat with his HSU t-shirt.  He did have on his holsters, but it was hard to sit in them so they came off on the way to school. 
Waiting with his friends... they all had a bubble in their mouth.  I had to convince Hunter it was okay to let his bubble pop while riding the horse.  :)
Ready to ride!
Off into the sunset beautiful sunshine!
He told me tonight that he was a little afraid that he might fall off.
Ride 'em Cowboy!
He loves the 6 white horses!
We had a great day!!! 
Ohh but here is what was hanging in the hall this morning...
Watch out!!! 
And here is the Octopus Gang!  (my 2 year old class) Aren't they cute!! :)

By the way it is officially SpRiNg BrEaK at the Jennings house! :)

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