Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Day 4

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!
So we don't really celebrate Saint Patty's day (I mean what are you really supposed to do on St. Patty's Day anyway?)... but we do wear green! :)  

Hunter liked his t-shirt.  He kept saying, "Kiss me!  I'm Irish!"

Here's Maggie!  Her shirt was sparkly.  It was cuter than Hunter's, but only because it had glitter.  She was playing peek-a-boo with me during this picture. 

"Oh, do you want to see my bow?"
It was super easy to make, by the way! :)
I loved their shirts and I am totally sold on Freezer paper!  I will post about how I made them soon.  So easy and fun!!! :)

Now on to the Ft. Worth Zoo!!!
So we got up and headed to Ft. Worth this morning.  It was such a pretty day and I think everyone decided to go to the zoo today. But we had a great time anyway! 
Okay here is Hunter sitting in the window looking at this guy...
Then all of sudden this little fellow banged on the window!!!  Everyone screamed and Hunter came running to me crying.  :( Hahaha Now this is one trip he won't forget. :)

Next time we hope this guy is sitting next to the window.  He didn't do anything!!
This is how we ride when we need a snack and don't feel like smiling. :)

My 2 guys in front of the elephants.  I wish I was a little taller so you could see more of the elephant and less of the grass... oh well! :)

Maggie had to climb up on the fence like her Bubba and look at this guy...
I think Ben said it was an African Rhino. 

This is my favorite picture!!!  The are both looking at the rhino. :) Love it!

And we did see the penguins!  Maggie was talking to this little one! 

I just love penguins!  They used to have them at the North Park Mall during Christmas.  I wish they would bring them back!  

And here we are on the walk to the car after a great day at the zoo!  

We had such a great time, but I do have to say after going here...
nothing can compare!  The Animal Kingdom is amazing!!! 

I can't believe it is already Thursday... this week is flying! 

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