Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Day 2

Why the Hollywood sign, you might ask?  Because Hunter, Maggie and Logan shot a commercial yesterday.  They might just be famous one day! :)  Haha  
Really, Ben's work needed some kids for the...
commercial and we got the call! :)  I thought they only needed Maggie and Logan, but they taped Hunter, too!  He was wearing his Longhorn jersey.  I would have dressed him better had I known!  oh well! :)  He would have picked the Colt McCoy jersey anyway.  

What else did we do yesterday... well Honey is here so the kids played and played!  I also made them their Saint Patty's Day t-shirts.  I will post them soon!

Today we are packing for 
really Lindsay and then tomorrow we are off to 

I'll post more soon!  Can you tell we didn't take many pictures for the kids yesterday?? :)

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