Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well we won't be going to Disney World this year...

Instead we will be visiting....

Yes, you are reading correctly.  We are having another baby on September 23rd!  Here is the proof...

 Sorry the picture is a little sideways! 

We got to see this sweet baby on Thursday and he/she was really moving!  He/she was waving and kicking!  It was really sweet, but let me just tell you we were really surprised!  Ben and I have always said we wanted 3 kids but we wanted to wait until Maggie was a little older.  We feel much better about everything now, but at first it was a little rough.  We were just surprised.  We know God has a plan and His plans are always better then ours!  So we are getting excited.  Now you might start praying for Hunter.  He already thinks knows it's a boy.  He might be upset if he is wrong. 

Okay, I am going to go enjoy the kids on this wonderful Sunday!  
Happy Sunday everyone! 


  1. How EXCITING!!! So happy for you and your lil family! 3 will be so much fun! Congrats girl! =)

  2. Already a cute little baby...what else would we expect from the Jennings! You guys are going to have a beautiful family of three and I am excited for you!