Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Day 1

This weekend Uncle David, Dog (David's dog) Brooke and Dots (Brooke's cat) came for a visit.  Hunter had been counting down the days to see Uncle David all week!  We had a great time!  Hunter loves dog.   He had fun playing with him!  

We let Hunter watch Davy Crockett!  I grew up watching this movie with my friend, Justin.  Hunter was a little scared during the Indian parts, but he loves it!  I forgot how violent this movie was, but we have talked about it.  Now he sings the song ALL the time!  Today he was Davy! :)

Now you can understand what he was wearing today...

It started off really cold here in Abilene, but by the afternoon we were able to play outside! 
We played a little t-ball! 
Way to go Hunter!!
Maggie watched in her swing!  She was saying "weee"! 
Then she decided she needed to play a little t-ball, too!  
Does anyone want this ball??
Ben even played a little pecan ball. 

We had a great afternoon playing outside!  Thank you Lord for spring!!!  

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