Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Awana Cubbies

This past Sunday was the Cubbie Awards at church.  This was Hunter's first year doing Cubbies and he LOVED every minute of it.  He learned 27 Bible verses and heard lots of stories from the Bible.  He did great!  We are so proud of him.  Here he is lining up getting ready to sing.  We were sitting in the wrong place, because we couldn't really see him after this point.  I did get a video of him getting his award, but no pictures... sorry! :(

Here he is showing off his vest and patches with the new his cubbie award on it and his big Cubbie bear that Nana bought him.  After the awards his teacher came up to me and said how impressed she was with Hunter.  She said he would be the one to always know verses from weeks past.  He could also tell in detail the stories from 6 weeks ago in their lessons.  Hunter really does have a heart for God.  He learned his verses after Ben and I would say them to him one time.  He loves learning about God.  My prayer is that his love for the Lord would continue to grow and grow.  I am so thankful for such an amazing little guy and for a wonderful church and the great programs that they offer! 

Okay and since most of the last posts have been about Hunter... here is a sweet picture Ben got of Maggie from Saturday.  I love love love this little lady!!  

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