Friday, February 24, 2012

busy spring week

Wow this week has really felt like spring... well maybe not today, but every other day has been warm and beautiful.  So we have been busy enjoying it! 
Monday we got to play with Logan!!  Everyone LOVES it when Logan is over!  We were out in the backyard all morning. 

Tuesday, Hunter and Maggie went to school, but when they got home it was Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! They wanted to go "fly" on the tramp!  After a little jump time we played with our awesome neighbors until it was dark.  So fun! 

Wednesday we got up and headed out to Fort Imagination! 

Cheese anyone?

Archer got to swing for the first time!!  I didn't really push him, but he liked sitting there.  Maggie really wanted him to say, "weeeee!"  Maybe next time!

Did I mention this little guy turned 5 months on Thursday??  He's growing up way to fast!

After the park on Wednesday we ate a picnic lunch in the backyard! 

Thursday was beautiful, too!  After school we headed over to meet Julie and Logan at the...
I wish I had my camera to take pictures of our cute kids!  They had a blast!  

Today's high is 57!!  Ugh!  So different from the 85 degrees, yesterday.  Oh well... we are being lazy today, just hanging out at home.  We are ready for Ben to come home from work and ready for the weekend!!  Woohoo!  

Have a great weekend, everyone!  

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