Sunday, February 5, 2012


After a great Friday night hanging out with the girls, Saturday was paint day.
It was time to paint the fireplace!!!!  Yeah!  I have been wanting to paint the fireplace for a super long time!  Here are a few before pictures.  

Last Christmas... do you see that big black insert?

It was big and HEAVY!!  Ben took that thing out Saturday morning while I slept in a little bit.  
I should have taken a better before picture!  Oh well...

After some tape with no insert.

2 coats of paint later 
The mantel before the mocha 

And finished! 

It is bright

but I like! 

We painted the inside black

So much better than before! 

And with the kids chairs in front makes it complete! 

Hooray for a new fireplace!!! :)

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  1. Hey. I love the new fireplace. So pretty! Are you getting rid of the insert?