Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grammy Great

Friday Archer finally got to meet his Grammy Great! 
We have been wanting to make it up to see Grammy for a while and finally made it happen this weekend.  

I will be honest, I think Grammy was more interested in seeing this sweet little girl.  

We could not wait any longer to meet, Zoe!  Isn't she sweet!?!  This is my cousin Kara's little lady.  So precious!  We have been trying to get over to see her ever since she was born.  I just love her!  She is doing great and has some amazing parents!  Thank you for letting us meet her on a cold, windy Friday night!  

Let me just tell you, Friday was kind of crazy!  We started off with a photo shoot... well kind of.  Hunter and Maggie were asked to be in an ad for a really cute store in the mall.  (These are the perks for Ben working at the paper.) So we did that in the morning.  Then we came home and ate lunch and packed.  We didn't know if we were going to be able to go or not... it all depended on if Ben could get off work at 2.  Well he did so we packed up and headed to the metroplex.  Do you know how much stuff you have to bring with 3 little kids???  And how fast the backseat gets dirty???  Crazy!  Well we stopped to eat at Ben's favorite place...
And I think we were pretty comical!  Hunter and Maggie were so excited to be out of the car and Archer... well let's just say he needed his diaper changed REALLY bad!  Yuck!  I think I ate my dinner in record breaking time.  Good thing to because Maggie and Archer both ended up sitting in my lap.  

The best thing about our trip on Friday... getting to talk to my husband while all three kids slept for 2+ hours!  It was amazing!  Over all we had a really great weekend!!  We were so glad to see Grammy Great and meet Miss Zoe! 

I'll be posting a Valentine post today once the kids get home from school!! :)  Happy Heart Day! 

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