Thursday, February 16, 2012


So what did you do on Valentines Day??  Go out dinner?  Go to a movie?
Well when daddy got home we played and played and played!!!  It was a perfect 72 degrees and we were loving being outside!  We were outside until it was dark.  Then we went in, had dinner and watched Mr. Poppins's Penguins.  

Oh yeah and while we were outside we took a few LOVE pictures!

I (really Ben) need to go back and edit this one so the colors pop!

and this one, too!

sweet love bug!  and yes he is sitting up by himself!  he can't do it very long... I'm sitting right by him waiting to catch him :)


now just relax, Mags... good!
now can you put your hand behind your head?

like this???

sweet girly!!!

ok i'm done!

hunter's turn!

now with archer...


now with the LOVE

Maggie do you wanna take a picture with the LOVE??

No, well okay then...

Hunter's going to take your chair!

We had a great day of LOVE!
Now i will leave you with a little song we like to dance to.  It's our LOVE song.  Enjoy!

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