Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!! 

We woke the kids up this morning to some new toys!  Maggie got a new Minnie dress up toy and Hunter got a new Batman toy.  Archer got a cute puppy that makes noise when you touch it.  I love heart day, don't you?

One reason why I love it (and one reason Ben doesn't) is that I love making the kids their valentines!  We have never bought the box of valentines to give out to his class and we aren't going to start now.  I have always made something.  The first 2 years he was in school I did the color hearts.  You know you break up crayons and put them in a heart baking sheet, thing.  Last year we did these.  And this years I found something on pintrest to try...

I hope your day is "chalk" full of Love!  I got some little wooden hearts from Hobby Lobby and painted them with chalkboard paint.  Done!  Ben made the very cute tag to put on each Valentine!  Thank you, Ben! 

For teacher's gifts I made these...
Starbucks jars filled with M&Ms!  I have been saving these Starbucks glasses for a while and thought they would make the perfect container for a gift.  I just painted the lids pink and Ben made the tag!  Thank you, Ben! 

And what is a holiday without a holiday shirt...
I love my silhouette studio and freezer paper!  So easy to make cute, cheap shirts! :)

Archer and I had a great morning just hanging out.  Check out this cutie!! 
I was really hoping for a nice Valentines nap with this little guy, but he had other plans!  Oh well!  We had a great morning laughing and playing! :)

I love you, Archer!!!

Then this afternoon we went and partied with both Maggie and Hunter! 

Sweet girly!  She didn't even touch her cupcake.  I don't think she is feeling so great.  I think her ears might be bothering her. :(  Poor Maggie Moe!  She had a great day though.  She played with her big brother on the playground at recess.  I love you, Maggie Moe!!!

Hunter had a great day with his friends at school!  His teacher told me he was extra sweet to a little girl in his class.  She broke her ring (a ring from a cupcake) so Hunter went and sat with her and shared his candy with her.  That's my sweet boy!!  I also noticed he went and gave both his teachers a big hug before we left and I didn't even tell him to!  He LOVES his teachers and friends at Beltway!  And I love you, Hunter-man!!

Mags showing off her Valentines from her friends.  That bag was full! :)

Oh and her favorite Valentines present... her sparkly Toms!  Thank you, Honey and Coach!  She would sleep in them if I would let her!  I don't think they have been off her feet! :)

Hunter showing off all his Valentines!  

We're full of LOVE around here today!  We can't wait until Daddy comes home!  Hope you all are having a great Valentines Day!  

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