Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 Fish, 2 Fish...

Lots of fishing going on today at Coach and Honey's house!  We started out with Maggie.  She knew that I went with Coach and Hunter fishing on Thursday and so wanted to go every time we talked about it.  This morning Daddy and I took her while Hunter was gone with Coach getting his hair cut.
Maggie was so excited!

She wanted to do it all herself.  :) She didn't last to long. 

She decided to go back up to the house to drive the gator while Hunter wasn't around.  She was so cute!!  She had a hard time reaching the gas.

After lunch, Archer got some Honey time while Maggie napped and Coach, Daddy, Hunter and I went fishing, again. 

Hunter loved throwing back the fish!  His thumb was raw from all the fish and he told us he needed a band aid when we got home. :)  So cute!  He is all boys!! 

Then Coach taught him how to cast!!!  He got the fish below all by himself!!!  

Coach put a little spinner bait on his line and he casted it out, reeled it in and everything.  We were so proud and Hunter was so excited!!  All he wanted to do since he heard we were going to Coach's house was fish!  We did a lot of that today and hope to go out again tomorrow!  

Here he is showing you how to cast!

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