Saturday, March 3, 2012

5 months!!!

can you believe this happy little guy is 5 months old??!  (yes, i know he actually turned 5 months on feb. 23rd... it's taken me a little more than a week to get this picture. :(  sorry!)

sweet archer!  happy 5 months old!  you are such a blessing to us! 

you love playing with your toes and eating them too!  you are happy most of the time!  

you can roll all the way over now, from back to tummy and tummy to back!  you can also sit up for a little bit.  we have to stay close when you are sitting because you might fall backwards. 

you like to sit at the table in your bumbo while we eat dinner as a family.  you love watching your maggie and hunter play and you can sleep through anything!  you also like playing with your hands like you are in this picture!

you are still not sleeping through the night. :(  but you usually only wake up once around 1:00.  you are sleeping in your dinosaur bed in maggie's room now.  you still like to be swaddled up but you are no longer sleeping in your bouncy chair!  yay! it's still your favorite chair to sit in.

your best friends are maggie, hunter and logan, but you also have lots of other cheerleader friends who love you, too!  you love going to cheerleading practice!  everyone talks to you and likes to hold you!

you love soft toys right now.  this dog is one of your favorites!  i can't tell you how much we love you, archer!  you are such a sweet little boy!  we are so blessed to have you!  love you my little man!  

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