Friday, March 16, 2012

Insta-Friday :)

What a great week!!!  Lots of pictures of cute kids... normally our weeks aren't this much fun, but it's SPRING BREAK!  Yay!  So here ya go...

Monday kicked off Spring Break with a lunch date at the zoo with Daddy! 

Look who came out to say hello!  Albert!!  We have been checking each week to see if he was out yet and Monday he was!!  Happy Spring! 
While I was packing on Tuesday this little lady was playing with her babies!  Orange juice for a baby?!?!  Why not! :)  Tuesday afternoon we headed to Coach and Honey's house! 
And look who I got to sleep with. :)  
I came into the living room the next morning to find this...
What do you think?  Too close to the tv???  :)

Wednesday, Maggie got her first haircut!  Yay!  She did so good!  She just sat there and ate a lolly pop! 
We did lots of playing outside on Wednesday!  This little guy used the brush guard from his gator to hunt birds.  :)
Thursday was Zoo Day!  It was also Frank Buck's Birthday so there was a big celebration going on at the Gainesville zoo.  Hunter ran up to meet this guy first. 

Next up it was time to pet a snake.  Yuck!  Even Maggie touched it! 

After the zoo and while the kids were napping, I made their Saint Patty's Day shirts!  Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow!
We ended our Thursday with some fishin!  Hunter had been wanting to go fishing all week!  He was so excited!  We are headed back out tomorrow for more fishing fun! 

Today we stopped by this place for some lunch!  I LOVE Panera!!!  Why don't we have one of these in Abilene??  So good!  Yum! 
Then we got to see Grammy Great!  It was so good to see her and Aunt Marnie, Holly, Aunt Sarah, Kara and baby Zoe!  We had a great afternoon! 

After some family time we went to my favorite kids shop, Gymboree!  And picked up this cute dino hat for my Archer-man!  
Then they slept all the way home!!  Archer slept, too I just couldn't get him in the picture.  We are all worn out, but excited about what tomorrow is going to bring!  Daddy made it to Gainesville this evening, so we'll be fishin in the morning!  

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone! 

Oh and you should join the fun and link up with Life Rearranged for Insta-Fridays!  It's fun! :)

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  1. your babies are getting so big!!! Hope you guys are doing well! miss you both! tell ben hi for me!