Saturday, March 10, 2012


so one of my most favorite blogs, Joy's Hope, does this insta-friday thing every friday.  it's really just a look into their life for that week.  so i thought that might be fun!  i am in love with my insta-gram app on my phone so... hey why not!!?!

well we started off the week in shorts... as you can see.  by the way, we are in desperate need for spring clothes!  like seriously... maggie has only 2 pairs of shorts!! 

loving picnics outside with this boy!  strawberry anyone??

happy, happy boy!

 we love mornings with this sweet boy!  waking up to some "bites" and a little pirates! (jake and the neverland pirates, that is)

the crew!  me looking rough, but loving being with these 4 kids!  (maggie is hiding behind sweet logan)  all are in their pj's!  so sweet! 

something tells me we not ready to potty train yet...

park in the morning... momma running with the big kids in the afternoon. (i forgot how much harder it is to push 2 big kids in the stroller and not just one sweet baby!  i think i burned 2x the calories!)

worn out from playing on his tummy time mat! 

after a good day at school, this sweet thing got to get a special drink from the sonic and got to pick out rapunzel to watch. yay maggie moe! 

play-doh anyone???  more time with sweet logan!  when he left today, maggie was so upset!  she loves her logan!

hooray for the weekend and spring break!!  
and if you need a blog to check out you should so go look at Joy's Hope!  

life rearranged


  1. Cute photos! LOL at the monkey in the toilet!

  2. Looks like a fun week! Lucky you guys in shorts already!! We had that same table (from IKEA?) when my kids were little. I miss Playdoh!