Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fighting Irish!

Well Spring has sprung and so has baseball season!!  Hunter was so excited to have his first practice this week.  

We found out that his team is the Fright Irish!  He is excited because it says "fighting" in his team name.  :)  He had a great first day of practice on Tuesday.  I am really excited to see how this season compares to last season.  I do have to say, I REALLY miss our friends from last season!  Hunter doesn't know anyone on his team this year.  We miss Wyatt and Emma!

Ben is the assistant coach this year.  I am so glad he is going to be out there helping.  I'm not so sure about some of the adults helping with his team this year... this might be interesting.  (more on that later)  He has baseball practice again tonight!  Go Fighting Irish!!!! :)

ps... don't you think he looks just like my dad in the picture above!?! :)

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