Saturday, May 22, 2010

laugh and learn kitchen...

Happy Saturday!!!  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!  We have 2 extra, sweet boys at our house today!  Hunter is SUPER excited J.D. and Kade came over to play.  They have been playing in the pool and slip-n-slide!  Pictures to come later...

Now on to the little kitchen.  We got this laugh and learn kitchen for Hunter for his 1st Christmas.  Here he is at 6 months and about a week...
My sweet boy!!! 

Look at that hair!  Where is Maggie's hair?

He was a little sick when this was taken... yucky nose!  Sorry!  He is still precious though!!!

Well the last time we were at Coach and Honey's house we brought the kitchen home for little Miss Maggie!  She will be 7 months old tomorrow.  Here are some pics...

Can you tell it's Mag Pie?

She has some chubby cheeks but not quite like Hunter.

Maggie is the size Hunter was at 2 months old!!!  Really!  I found an old doctors size thingy.  Hunter at his 2 month check up weighed 15 lbs!  Maggie at her 6 1/2 month check up weighed 15 lbs!  Too funny!!!  She might be average weight for most babies at 6 months but compared to Hunter she is still tiny to us!! :)  

Ohh and she is really trying to crawl!  She is super close!  

Have a great Saturday everyone!!! =)

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