Saturday, May 5, 2012


What a week!  Not quite as busy as the week before, but still busy!  I love it!  
So here is a peek into our week...
Sunday was Cubbie awards at our church!  
"We are awana cubbies we're happy all day long."

We played and played outside Monday.  This little guy loves to swing! 

Archer tried puffs for the first time.  He did really well and we found out that both Maggie and Hunter still like to eat them!  (I think they only like them because Archer likes them.)

Maggie got a new outfit in the mail from Honey.  She was super excited and decided to wear save it and wear it to school on Tuesday

After school on Tuesday we took a trip to the zoo and found out that the train was running! 

Maggie was super excited!  We were the only ones on the train, so we got to pick the car we wanted to ride in! 

Wednesday, we woke up to this wrapped around the vacuum cleaner cord!  AHHH!  It was a baby snake!!

Coach stopped by on his way to West Texas and brought Hunter some magazines.  He read through all of them before taking his nap! :)

A little playtime while waiting for Daddy to get home on Wednesday! 

Look I can do the splits! :)

Back to school on Thursday!  Maggie loves "cool"!  She was ready to go on Thursday!  

While Hunter and Mags were at school Archer was sweet so I painted the bathroom!  

Another day at the ball park!  Hunter loves going to practice!  

Friday, Archer was all smiles because his Honey was here! 

And Ben and I went on a much needed date to a Seuss event downtown.  
Over all we had a great week!!  What did you do this week?

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