Friday, May 18, 2012

Insta-Friday :)

I'm really starting to like this Insta-Friday thing!  So here is a peek into our week!  Enjoy! :)
Saturdays at the ball field cheering on Bubba! 

Let's go Hunter!

Bowls are so overrated! 

Mother's Day at the Zoo was the BEST!! 

Jumping with my girl! 

Monday's happy boy!

Maggie helped me unload the groceries.  She likes her cereal cold! :)

Why is the crib the most popular place to play? 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my sweet kids!!!!

Tuesdays running partner is ready to go! 

Is it really time for his birthday?? "That's the thing with birthdays.  They're kind of an annual thing."  Anyone know that quote??? 
(Hint: I watch to many Disney movies!)

They baby boy loves his Mum-mums! 
I know what Momma Maggie wants for Christmas.  

Finished up teacher's gifts. (Keri, hide your eyes!  I have yours sitting by our tv.)

This week was the week of cupcakes!!  I made cupcakes Monday night for Hunter's class.  (See previous post.)  Wednesday, I made mini cupcakes for Maggie's class. 

Last day of school!  Maggie found the mic while playing in kiddie park.  My sweet friend sent me this picture!  :)  Love it! 

See this thing sticking out of the ground... yeah it cost us almost $500.  Boo for leaky pipe! 

This little guy likes to see how many puffs he can hold in his hand and then stuff in his mouth. 

Night game!!  Woohoo!  Hunter had a night game on Thursday!  He was announced and everything!  Way to go Fighting Irish! 

2 new animals for a little boy who stayed on green ALL year long!!!  

Playing in the playroom waiting on Daddy to get home on this lovely Friday! 

Over all... Great week for the Jennings!  
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. Fishy crackers in the pink car and cereal in the fridge! Aren't kids the best?