Friday, May 11, 2012

Insta-Friday :)

Is it Friday already?!!  Yay!  
Well here is our week in pictures... enjoy! :)
Rainy day Monday!  So after naps Maggie and Archer watched a little Rio! 

Hunter got a new magazine in the mail!  He loves it!  Thank you, Aunt Sarah!!!

Tuesday!  Hunter went to school and told his teachers, "On this day a long time ago, my daddy married my mommy!"  Such a sweet boy!  It was also Ben's leadership Abilene graduation, so the kids got to stay with 2 of my awesome cheerleaders, Kara and Morgan!  They sent me this picture!  lol :)  I think Hunter, Maggie and Archer had a GREAT time!  

Wednesday was the HSU Cheer pool party!  Maggie decided to lay out with Sadie and Meagan!  

Hunter did a little swimming!  On the way home he told me that his mouth kept shaking in the water.  It was cold!!  
The guys had never stunted in the pool before, so instead of stunting with girls they threw each other. haha :)  
Seriously, I am going to miss ALL of the my cheerleaders this summer!  This has been such a wonderful year!  Love them all!!

Thursday we got a special treat after school with Honey!  Yum! Yum!

Friday, I started the day snuggling with this little guy!  Love you, Archer-man! 

We got a sweet visit from this sweet little boy!  His big brother is so proud!!!  I can't wait to see his personality!  He is soo sweet!  Love him!! 

Taking a little bp in his crocs!  It's been raining so much, we haven't been able to play outside as much as normal. 

To end our week, I made some circus waffles for dinner!  Aunt Kelly, we LOVE the waffle maker!!  

So that was our week!  Next week is our last week of school!  Hooray for Summer!!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

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