Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta-Friday :)

Yay for Friday and for a looong weekend!!  Here's a peek into our week! :)

Last baseball game!  
Go Fighting Irish!!!

Hello Sunshine!  Running some errands with Mama on Sunday. 

Maggie decided to take"Baboo" and "Ada" (Rapunzel and Cinderella) with us to the Zoo, but wanted them to ride like this. 

Hunter loves the snakes... Mama, not so much! 

Looks happy in this picture! 

Maggie needs her beauty sleep. 

We found Bill the baby bird on our back porch on Monday night.  He wasn't there on Tuesday morning and we did have four cats in our yard.  I'm sure he flew off... 

3 sweet kids playing on Tuesday! 

Not feeling to well, but happy anyways! 

Dancing with the Stars!  My favorite show!  So excited about the winners this season!!! 

Wednesday waiting at the doctors office. 

Well it wasn't just an ear infection. :(  Baby boy is sick!!!

Breathing treatments are no fun!

Hunter and Rapunzel

Haven't had to pull out this guy in a looong time (since Hunter was a baby)!  So glad the breathing treatments are helping! 

Sleepy baby boy! 

Sleepy Maggie!  (Can you find her?)

Sleepy big boy! 

I think we need a sandbox!!!  This girl loves to dig!

Feeling better, but not 100% yet.  (Notice the yucky nose! So thankful for boogie wipes!)

Maggie's GK leotard came in the mail today!!  We are ready for gymnastics!!  I don't know who is more excited! :)

We are excited because Nana, Grumpy and Uncle David are coming this weekend!  Woohoo! 
Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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