Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach babes!

So more about our trip to Houston!  On Tuesday we went to the beach!  We were all so excited!  We got up early and headed down the road to Galveston.  

Hunter could hardly wait to get his feet in the sand!  He was so excited! 

As soon as we got the tent up, Hunter and Grumpy got in the waves! 

Maggie really liked it!  She was running in and out of the water!  

Stompin' in the water with Nana

And run back up to the sand... she then would turn back around and run into the water again. :)

Miss Gracie's first time at the beach!!  Yay! :)

All covered in sunscreen! :)

Splashing in the waves!  Jayne, Gracie, Grumpy, Hunter and Daddy! 
Playing in the sand! 

Hunter and Maggie played together for a while.  We just watched.

They really are best friends.  

Maggie did eat a little sand here... yuck! :)

Sweet kids! 
Sand castles with Nana time!! 

Maggie wasn't really into building a sand castle, but Hunter loved it! 

They sat out there for a while building their castle. 

Hunter was very serious about their sand castle. 

Almost done... as you can see Maggie was gone a long time ago.  She can't sit still! :)  She was busy with Grumpy...
They played in the water for a while! 

You see Maggie would run and knock Grumpy down and then they both would laugh and laugh!  It was so cute to watch!!!

Oh and can you see Mag's hair??  Well she would not wear a hat, so I sprayed her head with sunscreen.   Can you imagine what her hair felt like?  Yeah... it was pretty gross and it took a couple of days to get all the sunscreen out, but her head did not get burned!!!  And her hair is even lighter!  Maybe next time I'll put sunscreen in my hair, too... :)
Hunter loved fighting the waves!! 

He would punch them, 

chop them, 

kick them

chest bump them, 

even hiney them! 

His eyes were all red from the salt water, but he didn't care!  He LOVED fighting the waves! :)
While Hunter was fighting waves, Maggie was chasing the birds!  She would see a bird sitting on the sand and would run to catch it!  It was so cute and fun!  She never caught one, but had a lot of fun running after them! 
So before we headed home Hunter, Maggie and Daddy had a huge mud fight! 

Maggie was really getting into it! 

Just look at that boy! 

Hunter loved it! 

Maggie got a little muddy, too! :)

And the winner of the mud fight... Hunter and Maggie!!!  Daddy was by far the muddiest! :)
Gracie had to put her toes in the water one last time before we left! 

Isn't she soo cute!!  Nana and Gracie right before we headed home. 
We had such a great time at the beach! 

Maggie was asleep before we put the truck in drive! 

And Hunter really tried to stay awake, but was asleep before we were out of Galveston! 

What a great day at the beach!  Thank you Nana and Grumpy! :)

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