Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Better late than never, right???

Well we had such a fun family night on Halloween.  We decided to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood this year.  I just love our neighborhood, by the way.  It was a perfect evening.  The weather couldn't have been better!  It was cool, but not to cold.  Just perfect!

I was hoping that they would want to dress like the same movie... such as Maggie as Rapunzel, Hunter as Flynn and Archer as pascal, but they knew who they wanted to be.  I just wanted them to have fun and be happy.  So on to the costumes...

Meet Captain America!


and the cutest elephant I have ever seen! 
(This was Dylan Fink's and Hunter wore it, too.) 

Our attempt to get all three together didn't go as planned. lol :) To busy having fun! 

Captain America defending Cinderella

going up to a house.  Hunter was so polite!  He always said, "Thank you and have a Happy Halloween".  
The funniest thing that happened while we were out had to do with an orange.  At one house the lady gave the kids both some candy and an orange.  Well once Maggie got back to me she searched through her bucket and picked out that orange and said, "Here Momma.  I like candy!"  She didn't want anything to do with that orange!!  Love that girl!  She knows Halloween is about candy and not fruit, no matter how much she really loves oranges. :) 

Archer did amazing!!  He road in the stroller the whole time.  He never got upset or tried to get out.  He was so happy to just watch and ride.  Love that little elephant so much!  Oh and he made the elephant noise all night, too! :) 

We really did have a fun time together as a family!  Here is one clip of the kids trick-or-treating...

Next up... Pumpkin patch pics! :) 

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