Sunday, November 11, 2012

What a wonderful weekend!!!

We have been soo, soo busy the for the last few months so it was so incredibly nice to have this weekend just for us!  Saturday was perfect!  Ben and I woke up to 2 sweet kids in our bed!  I love having them snuggle with us in the morning.  (Hunter was the one still sleeping!  He could sleep forever, I think!)  
After making waffles I went for a morning run. 
It was super windy but the temperature was perfect!  I love this street because it reminds me of home.  It reminds me of Aspen street close to Kelly's old house!  Love it!  Also love the fall leaves everywhere!  Perfect! 
After my run it was off to the backyard for some fun!  We had so much fun playing in the yard!  I just love our backyard!  It's just the right size! 

We also picked up a lot of pecans!  Yum! 

We may or may not have put him to work picking up the pecans! :) 

And of course football!  Hunter sang along to the "College Game Day" song that morning and could not wait to get outside to play a little football with his Daddy! 

Go Hunter!! 

Lots of pecans! 

After lunch Hunter and Ben met up with some of our CCA friends to show off HSU.  I am so glad they got to see Holly and Parker!  I love CCA people!!

Then Drew and his sweet brother Logan came over to play!  They are my favorite!  Love them so, so much! 

We ended out Saturday with pizza and some Sleeping Beauty. 

Today was a normal Sunday.  We went to church and then I got to run errands by myself!  Thank you, Ben!   Hunter went to Awanas and then of course we watched a little Texans football.  

Sounds like we didn't do that much, but it was amazing!  Such a wonderful weekend!  We are so blessed!!! 

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