Friday, November 9, 2012

Insta-Friday! WhooHoo!

I'm back!!!  It's been weeks since I have blogged!  We have been crazy busy at the Jennings' house!  We are so excited to be slowing down a little bit.  So I'll be blogging a lot to catch up on what you have missed, but for now here is, my favorite, Insta-Friday!  (this is a few weeks worth by the way)

"nastics" Maggie's favorite day of the week! 

soapy cute boy! 

lots of running in pants... not sure i love running in cold weather

Birthday Girl!!! 

Our sweet 3 year old! 

The rock she decided to put up her nose on her birthday!!  Nice...

my super cute, super hero!!!!

orange day at school 

Archer loves Ms. Samm's music class! 

Pumpkin patch 2012 (more pics to come)

Love Love Love these 3

Best buddies playing on the floor! 

1st ever cheer mini camp!!!  So excited! 

Love this awesome squad!!!

Last home football game!  Bitter sweet! 

Mini camp performance during halftime

more fall running

another gymnastics day

love our fall zoo trips

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat 
(more halloween pics coming soon!)

Noah's Ark Parade at school and Hunter's 1st field trip of the year (more coming soon!)

it's a great day when the red cups come out! 
1 1/2 more weeks until the Christmas Blend comes out... not like I'm counting down or anything! :)

Finally got to watch this little man do gymnastics!  So excited! 

Sleeping beauty worn out from her party!

playing outside

I voted with all 3 kids!  If I can do it, you can! :) (blog post to come about the voting experience)

Singing to the peacock at the zoo.  (She sang to ALL the animals.) 

Fall picnic on the porch! 

Happy Friday, everyone!!!  So excited to have our first FREE weekend since the beginning of August! WhooHoo!! 

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