Thursday, November 8, 2012

Princess Maggie

Our sweet Maggie turned 3 on October 23rd and this past weekend was her party!  We had so, so much fun!  She was so excited!!  She talked about her party for weeks before it start and is still talking about it today.  Happy Birthday my sweet Maggie Moe!

Party decorations... Princess and Pink.  That's what she wanted! :) 

Maggie's absolute favorite movie right now is Sleeping Beauty!  She always laughs and laughs at this part.  I should have known she would want a messy cake like this!  Here is what I came up with...

Maggie was so excited to have a castle in her backyard!  She could not wait!!!!  As soon as it was up she had to jump! 

I had to grab a picture with my princess! 

The boys were excited about the castle, too! 

Jumping with sweet friends! 

Time to make crowns!!  Maggie had to have pink!  Are you surprised??

Making crowns with sweet cousin, Gracie!  We were so glad she was able to come to Maggie's party!!

A little wrestle time while the little kids were making crowns. 

Time for lunch!  For lunch they had Maggie's favorite PB&J shaped as a crown, chips, cookies, rice crispy treats and pink princess punch.  I completely forgot to get the grapes out of the fridge!!  Oh well...

Sweet boy doesn't know what to think about all this pink! 

Time for cake!!!  Maggie could not wait to blow out the candles!!  

By the way I got her Sleeping Beauty shirt from the London Stitches etsy shop!  I LOVE IT!  I really like the princess on it!  It is perfect for my sweet 3 year old! 

We opened presents after everyone left.  I don't know why we didn't do it sooner!  

Maggie was so excited! 

Cute boys jumping!!

Little man eating crumbs off the table! :)  Love him! 

Coach even jumped with Hunter!!

Maggie dancing with her new Cinderella!  

Maggie was a little upset about the castle leaving the backyard.  

Thank you so much for coming to Maggie's party, friends!  We all had such a great time and can't thank you all enough for making Maggie's birthday the best!! 

Maggie, you are such a blessing to us!  You are sweet, smart and can always make us laugh!  You love your brothers so much!  You are our spice!  We love you and are so blessed by you!!  Thank you Lord for our Maggie!!! 

Happy Birthday, Maggie Rose!!! 

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