Friday, January 25, 2013

Insta-Friday :)

It's my favorite day of the week... Friday!!! WooHoo!!  

Here's a peek at our week...

Getting my run in before...

Lots of basketball games this week, starting on Saturday!  More to come this weekend and next week!  Go Cowboys! 

Just me and my sweet girl at church on Sunday.  Daddy was still trying to get over strep and Archer was coughing a lot, so the boys were at home. 

3 cute kids watching Disney Jr. on Monday morning!  Love them!!!

Ben had dreamed that the washer caught on fire... well it did smell like smoke on Monday.  So thankful we were able to get it fixed for $75 and have it back on the same day!!  God is good!!!  

Always excited to be outside!!!  Playing Tuesday afternoon after school! 

Nice run before the sun goes down on Tuesday.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are my hardest days to run.  I'm always so tired after working all day, but it always feels so, so good to get my run in!!! 
Dancing with Daddy in the kitchen!!!  Love this!!!  Such a great ending to the day! 

One excited little lady to ride the Zoo train on Wednesday!

75 degrees in January... we are READY for Spring!!!!

Picnic Wednesday!  Love these kids so much! 

finished a shirt for a cute little boy on Wednesday.  I feel like I did a ton on Wednesday.  Very productive day! 

More basketball games on Thursday! 

Sleepy boy tonight!  Love him so, so much! 

So that's a little peek at our week.  Now onto the weekend!  Have a great one, everyone! 

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