Friday, July 12, 2013

Insta-Friday July! :)

I can't believe it's July!!!  Where is our summer going??!?

Well I haven't been able to blog because my awesome husband has had the computer and I only had the ipad.  But I am back!  And I'm just going to pick up where I left off...
Here's a peek into the last 2 weeks! :) 

Coach taught this boy how to make a paper airplane!  He was so excited, but still likes it when Coach makes them best!

Daddy's here!!!!  Ben came in to play with the kids for a day and then we headed back to Abilene to pack up the house. 

crazy weather in Abilene!!  It was so nice!  I loved running the neighborhood!  Hope I can find a good place to run in KS! 

While packing I came across my CCA ribbon.  Those summers were the BEST!!  Love CCA!  Praying they have a great summer!!! 

My amazing in-laws came into town on Wednesday to help us finish packing and to get us on the road to KS.  I cannot thank Nana and Grumpy enough for coming to help us!!!!  Seriously!  We could not have done it with them!  Thank you Nancy and John!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!  We love you both so, so much!!! 

We loaded the truck on Thursday....

And then drove to Wichita on Friday....

And put our house in storage on Saturday. 
What did we do on Sunday???  Found our new house!!!!  Pictures to come soon! :) 
Then I went back to Gainesville to be with my sweet kids!!  I have missed them soooo, sooo much!!!!  I am so thankful for my parents who have been taking such a great care of them!  This moving thing has been so hard, but we are so blessed.  God has really taken care of EVERYTHING!  I am so thankful!!!! 

Monday Hunter started swimming lessons!  He is doing AMAZING!!!  He has come so far since the beginning of summer! :)

Maggie has been driving the gator!  She is so funny!  She sings while she drives! :) 

Archer likes to ride like this!  So funny!!! 

Back to running with the horses, cows and grasshoppers! lol :) 

I took the kids to get snow cones at the Sno Ball!!  This is the same stand that I went to as a kid!  They loved it!!! :) 

Riding plasma cars... this is an every night thing!  After dinner or the pool the kids ride until dark.  They love it!! :) So fun!  I wish I had one...

More running in the country.  It's so pretty! 

Jumping off the diving board!  Go Hunter!!! 

Hunter found this sweet baby bird on Wednesday.  Maggie named him Tweet Tweet! lol :)  

Maggie wanted rainbow toes!  Love that sweet girl! 

They came and cut hay on Wednesday and then baled it on Friday.  Hunter loved watching the tractor!

I was on the lookout for Ben!!  He is coming in tonight!  Love, love my sweet husband!  

Having fun feeding the goats... 
The kids couldn't wait to see their Daddy!!!  We are going to have a great weekend of swimming and movie watching!  What are you up to this weekend?  Hope you have a great one! 

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