Thursday, July 18, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I'm still playing catch up on the blog, so bear with me. :)  

This Father's Day was one that I will never forget!!  It brings me to tears just thinking about it.  To start off the day Ben and I had our Dads in town.  We love these guys so so much!  Everyone was excited to spend Father's Day with Coach and Grumpy. 
To make this day the best was what happened at church.  Last June Hunter asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.  (See that post here.)   But he has always been a little afraid of the water.  He just wasn't sure about the whole baptism thing.  Ben and I had been talking to him lately about being baptized at our home church, Beltway.  This is the amazing church that he has grown up in and was dedicated in.   It is what he knows.  We absolutely LOVE the people of Beltway and were hoping that he would decide it was time and it was.  He wanted to be baptized at his church in front of his friends, teachers and family.  What a blessing!!  

Hunter and I met with Pastor Lance a few days before Sunday to make sure Hunter knew what he was doing.  I knew that the decision he made last June was real, but there is nothing like sitting there listening to your son and hearing him talk about his Savior.  It's like no other! I remember on the car ride to church that day we met with Lance, I was trying to prepare him for what Lance wanted to talk to him about.  Hunter stopped me without me really saying anything and said, "I got this, Mom."  And he did! 

Ben was so excited to be the one to baptize Hunter.  It was such a special moment!  
Hunter was so excited!  There are no words.  Thank you, Lord!  

Can you hear the sweet boys sitting in front of me?  That is Kade and JD, two of Hunter's great friends. We were in their parent's life group for a few years and became great friends with this amazing family!  I cannot tell you how blessed we are to know the Hoes family!!  They have blessed us in so many ways!  I know the Ingram family would have been their too if they could and so would the Parkers.  Such sweet blessings!  

This will be a Father's Day we will NEVER forget!  

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