Friday, January 24, 2014

First Date

So one thing Ben and I have decided to do this year is to take our kids on a date.  Every month one of us will take one kid to do something fun and special.  So this month Ben took Maggie.  I think they were both really excited!  And to top it off Ben took Maggie to do something he absolutely hates... he took her to Build-a-bear.  Ben hates stuff animals and he hates spending money on stuffed animals, but Maggie LOVES her stuffed animals!  She has to take something, the favorite stuffed animal/princess of the day to school (it stays in her backpack the whole time).  She sleeps with whatever animal it is... she loves them!  

So off they went! 

Maggie had only gone to Build-a-Bear once and she was to little to really make anything herself. 

Adding some stuffing to her pony. 

I think they had a really great time!!  She didn't really care about giving her pony, named Maggie, any clothes or anything.  She just wanted her to be pink and have long hair. :) 

Afterwards they stopped for some cinnamon pretzels. 

I think they had a really great time!!  Maggie loves her pony and will tell you that she made it with her Daddy. 

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  1. oh my gosh, JUJU loves my little pony. BUT she has so many stuffed animals. UGH! What to do....what to do...:-(