Friday, January 10, 2014

Insta-Friday: Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! 

The kids and I have been away for Christmas break and just got home on Sunday, so it's kind of been a little crazy around here.  We LOVED being with our family in Texas, but it is so nice to get back into a routine!  I have missed it.  

Here is a little peek at the last few weeks... :) 

Sleepy boy! 

Why hello, Mr. Sam Houston! 

Just in case he needs to call a football play during the night, Hunter has slept with his football thing... more than one time, too! 

Back to running outside!!!!  WooHoo!  It feels so, so good to be running again!  
I hurt my Achilles over the summer and have been letting it heal.  I started running again at the good old Lindsay track!  Praise the Lord! 

A quick glance at our year 2013. 

Move date with this handsome boy! 

Punting field goals while I run!  
He LOVES football!! 

Fun at Coach and Honey's!  
We were looking for dinosaur bones! 

Do they look 2 years apart to you??

You can't go to the Frisco mall without riding the carousel 

Such a fun time wedding dress shopping with my BFF, Kelly!  Miss these girls so, so much!!! 
Can't wait til October!!!

This is what we came home to on Sunday! 
Not in Texas anymore! 

All my angels in the snow! 

The temperature when we woke up on Monday! 
So glad Hunter did not have school until Tuesday! 

Back to school! 

Our small snowman!  The snow was to dry and would not pack, so he is kind of small!! 

Someone else was glad we were home! 
Yes, Kiddo sleeps with Maggie almost every night! 

Running with my new shoes at the YMCA!  
I'm trying to love the treadmill!  It's just to cold to run outside here! 

Love watching and hearing them play together! 

We are so glad to be home and back together as a family and guess what??  It's supposed to be in the 50s this weekend!!  WooHoo!!  Never thought the 50s would be warm.  We are headed to the zoo this weekend!  

Have a great weekend, ya'll!! 

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