Friday, January 24, 2014

Insta-Friday :)

Hooray for Friday!!! 

It's been a great week!  Here's a peek at our week... 

Archer is taking selfies... he loves taking pictures on my phone.  Love that sweet boy! 

I did some crafting this past weekend!  Love me some burlap! 

We had a great Monday with Hunter home!!!  I love it when he is home all day.  We had so much fun I did not take any pictures! lol :)  It was beautiful and warm for Kansas. 

But don't worry, just in time for me to take Hunter to the bus stop it was this temperature again. 
Really, Kansas?? 
I wish this was the coldest it was this week, but it wasn't!  I think the high yesterday was 19.  The windchill was -11 while we were waiting for the bus.  Crazy!  
I don't know if I'll ever get used to winter here... :) 

LOVE playing games with these two on Tuesday!  Candy land and Pizza Party! 

So proud of this boy!  Here is his picture at 100 years old!  He also had to write "Before I am 100 I'm going to... Play in the NFL, go to Disney World and be a vet!"  

Painting fun!!  We love painting over here! 

Pj night at Awana on Wednesday! 
Maggie pretty much thinks she needs to wear pj's all day everyday now.  She had pj day at school on Thursday.  

Hunter woke up saying, "Today is the 100th day of school".  He was so excited!  
He had a fun day and we had a fun morning at MAPS.  

Hooray for the weekend!  
Have a great one, ya'll! 

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