Friday, January 17, 2014

Insta Friday

What a week...  I don't know about you but we are ready for the weekend! 
It's been a weird week.  I thought last week was going to be hard, but I was wrong.  I guess the 2nd week getting back into the routine is when you feel it!  It's kind of like after you have a really good, hard workout and you are more sore the 2nd day than you were the 1st!?!  Eek!  Ben and I are tired of the discipline!  Ugh... that's the not so fun part about being a parent!  Oh well... It's Friday and its a great day! :) 

Here's a little peek at our week! :) 

Last Friday pic playing outside on the trampoline!  It was a little to cold for our sweet girl! 

Hooray for a nothing to do Saturday!  Let's go to the zoo!!! 

Yep, he was eating some snow!  We may have thrown a few snowballs at each other while walking around the zoo! :) 

I almost thought we were back in Texas on Sunday!! 
Spring, I'm ready for you!! 

Back to ballet this week! 
Ballet Monday! :) 

It's a Mickey Mouse play-doh kind of day with my Mickey lover on Tuesday!

Praying they all sleep in their own beds on Tuesday night!  

Our favorite Christmas gift is hanging in our kitchen!!  We LOVE the snowman painting Hunter made for us at school! Love that sweet boy of ours!! 

Made smore bites for the teacher's luncheon at Hunter's school on Thursday night!  I love these things! 

I finally took the kids to Toddler Time at our YMCA on Friday!  They had a blast playing in the cheer gym and to be honest... I felt at home!  I love gyms! 

I ran every single day at the gym this week.  That's over 13 miles!  I rewarded myself with a skinny white chocolate mocha!  Perfection! 

This boy has my heart!  

Hope you all have a great weekend! :) 

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