Friday, January 31, 2014

Insta-Friday :)

Happy Friday, y'all! 
We had a good week this week, but I am so glad it's Friday!  It's my favorite day, I think.... well maybe Saturday and Sunday are my favorite... I don't know, but yay for Friday! 
Here's a peek at our week...

Kind of a proud moment... I ran 18 miles last week!  Yay!  I am so thankful I can run again!  I have missed it so much.  

Coach and Honey came in last weekend to play with the kids so we could go out!  We had so much fun!!  Thank you, Honey and Coach!!!! 

Ballet Monday! 
Love this sweet girl so much!!!  

How much longer until spring?!?!  
Baby it's cold outside!!! 

They all insisted on holding hands walking Maggie to her class on Tuesday!  I love them so, so much!  So sweet!!! 

My favorite big boys reading dinosaurs books.  Love it! 

Thursday morning Hunter and Archer were having a great discussion on kindergarten while getting ready for school.  I love listening in on their conversations! 

It's so hard to wake this sleeping baby on Tuesday/Thursday to go pick up Maggie from school.  
We signed up for morning preschool for next year! 

My #throwbackthursday post.  I LOVE these socks!  I never knew a pair of socks could bring back so many great memories!  Best summers of my life!  

What do you do when its 25 degrees outside with freezing drizzle and possible snow later in the day... Go swimming at the YMCA!  They were so excited!!  We might have to go back and swim tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, y'all!  

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