Saturday, May 3, 2014

AWANA Club Awards 2014

We love AWANA Club!!! 
I am so proud of both Hunter and Maggie for working so hard at Awanas this year!  

This was Maggie's first year as a Cubbie!  She did such a great job!!  She LOVED going every Wednesday and she enjoyed learning her verses and reading her workbook.  I am always amazing and how well the kids do at learning Bible verses!  

Hunter did an amazing job in Sparks this year, too!  He never missed a Wednesday night!  I was especially proud of him for repeating the same book this year.  In Abilene since he had already done 2 years in Cubbies he was allowed to move up to Sparks last year.  He did great last year and finished his book, plus a second book.  When we moved here we talked to the Awana leaders and they thought it would be best if he stayed with the kindergartners and repeated his book.  He never complained!  He did such a great job!  I'm so proud of Hunter!  

Here are a few pictures from awards night! 
We are Awana Cubbies we're happy all day long....
We know that Jesus loves us that's why we sing this song! 

We hop because we're happy and we jump and shout for joy! 
Jesus is a friend to us.  He loves each girl and boy! 

She was excited to put on her ribbon, but I think she was even more excited about the fruit snacks! :) 

Two award ceremonies was hard for this boy!  Here he is trying to be like Coach!  He sees a pencil and thinks this is what it is for... to go behind his ear! :) 

Next up... Sparks!!! 

Unfortunately we did not have good seats for the Sparks awards. :(  So the pictures are far away. 

Hunter in the front row playing the trumpet! 

And receiving his award!  Way to go Hunter-man!!! 

You know I am always so proud of Hunter and Maggie in whatever they do, but there is nothing like hiding God's word in your heart!!  We are ready for next year! 

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  1. I remember when Hunter sang the Cubbies song for Sadie and I when we videoed him! I heard his voice in my head when I read the words :)
    So glad y'all are doing well! I miss all of you!!