Saturday, May 17, 2014

Field Trip

Last Friday I was so excited to be able to go with Hunter on his first field trip!  Thank you, Honey for coming and staying with the littles so I could go!! 

We went to a place we have never been.... okay, I am lied.  We went to the Zoo!  The kids acted like the owned the place! :) 
Here is Hunter's group for the day!  Ethan and Isaiah 

At the elephants 

Here is the rest of our group.  The sweet girls!  

Meeting the lions 

Each kid in Hunter's class has been working on a big animal report. They read their report in front of their animal.  Here is Hunter giving his American Alligator report!  Is it sad that I wished he was in front of Albert? (Albert is an old American Alligator that our kids have loved to see each trip to the Abilene Zoo.) 

Reading his report with his friend Bethany! 

Here is Mrs. Hill's kindergarten class 2013-2014!  
They had a great time at the zoo and so did I!  It was so much fun to watch Hunter and the rest of his friends from school! :) By the way, Mrs. Hills is the best!!  She had a snack and water for each of the kids and she had quarters for them so they could feed the fish!  I am so thankful Hunter had her this year!!  She has been a huge blessing to all of us but especially to Hunter!

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