Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter 2014

So it's been a super long time since I have blogged.  I'm sorry!  We have been super busy with lots of "end of school" activities.  So I'm going to try and get caught up this weekend before I get in further behind. :)  

So on to Easter weekend! 
We had such a wonderful weekend with family!  We are truly blessed beyond measure! 

So Friday, Hunter had school!?  They were off the Friday before Good Friday, but had school on Good Friday... I don't get it, but I was glad it was only half day because Nana and Grumpy flew in from Houston Friday morning!  Woohoo!  We were all so excited to see them!  We haven't seen them since Christmas! 

They were watching a little Mickey Mouse on my phone with Nana on Friday.  It was such a beautiful day!!!  Thank you Lord for the sunshine and warm weather!  It had snowed on Monday!  Crazy Kansas! 

Uncle David made it to Kansas on Saturday and boy were we excited to see him!! 

And his dogs! 
We had such a wonderful Saturday just hanging out at the house.  And guess what Grumpy made for me??  He build us a built-in trash can!  We no longer have the eyesore of our black trash can with the broken lid!  Now we just go to the island and pull out the trash drawer!  I LOVE it!!! 

Sunday morning the Easter bunny came to visit!!  He left the kids a basket full of special treats! 

They were all excited to get a chocolate bunny! 

Maggie loved her bunny Hello Kitty! 

Hunter was excited about his Lego Movie book! 

Next up it was time to go worship!!  
He is Risen!!  He is Risen, indeed!!!! 
So thankful we were able to go worship the King of Kings! 

Easter family pictures...

We LOVE Uncle David!!


Because right now he is the hardest one to get a picture of! :) 

David and his boys!  
Mr. Dog and Oso 

They all love David's dogs!  They really are good, sweet dogs!  If only they didn't shed or poop... 

It was just about time for an Easter egg hunt before it starts to rain! 

Littlest man was excited and waiting for Daddy to say "Go"! 

He got a 1 minute head start! 

Followed by a 1 minute head start by this lady! 

She just had to put on her new dress from Nana and Grumpy!  And I have to say it is one of her new favorites!!  She wears in all the time! (She wore it today!)

After 2 minutes of waiting, it was finally his turn!  He's the pro, ya know! :) 

He still found the most eggs!  Love that boy so much! 

After their egg hunt they each had to open and count all their eggs.  Maggie had to line all of her eggs up, too!  :) 
And I don't remember what these two were up to, but they were cute anyways! 

After naps and dinner it was time to color some eggs! 

They all did such a great job coloring eggs this year!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the after eggs!  We all had fun! 

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend!  Thank you Nana, Grumpy and David for coming all the way to Kansas to celebrate our Savior with us!  We love you all so, so much and can't wait to see you again this summer! 

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