Monday, April 12, 2010

Dedication Sunday :)

My sweet Maggie Rose was dedicated at church this Sunday.  Yes, we made it on time!!!  Hooray!  We were even a little early!  And Ben and I really like the service at 8:10.

The service was wonderful!  We are so blessed.  They prepared a slide show as we walked down to the front.  We had sent in a few pic of our sweet girl.  My Mom came and went down the the front with us. (My Dad stayed home with Hunter since he was sleeping so well.)  I don't know what I was thinking, but I forgot my camera!  Not to fear our sweet friend from life group had hers in her purse and took a few pictures!  Thank you Mindy! :)  Two couples from out life group group came down and prayed with us.  I was honored that they came down for sweet Maggie.  Then pastor David prayed over Maggie and Ben and I.  God is so good!  I can't believe he would pick us to be Maggie's Mommy and Daddy.  We are so blessed with such a sweet little girl.  I pray that we will hear the Lord guide us in raising her.  I pray that she will have a heart for our Savior and will live a life devoted to Him.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with our precious Maggie!  

Maggie in her Easter dress! :)  Those are little turtles on the dress.  


And yes, we are putting EVERYTHING in our mouth! :)

I know I promised pictures of our Hunter-man too in his Easter clothes, but it just didn't happen.  He did not want to put them on and I didn't want to make him.  I'm sure I'll talk him into... hopefully!  

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