Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We are so blessed!!  Sometimes it is hard to believe that God would send down his only Son to die for me... okay maybe most of the time it is hard to believe.  But it is true.  And he did.  And he died a very, very painful death on the cross for me and you!  Then he came back to life!!  What?  I know!  It's amazing!!!  And He is alive today!  Lord, thank you for saving me!  And thank you for giving me 2 wonderful kids to demonstrate your love!  

We spent Easter in Gainesville this year and had a great time!  Here are some pictures from the trip and I'll let you know about the Easter bunny too...

My sweet Hunter-man drinking some oj on the "squares" with Momma.  

Such a sweet boy!!!! 

So Saturday morning my old church had an egg hunt at this park in downtown Gainesville, however it was not at the park.  It was across the street from the park in front of the Depot.  So we were late.  :(  I was going to be super sad for Hunter because all the eggs had already been found... until Krystle and Jana noticed us.  They took a few eggs from their kids basket and hid them just for Hunter!  THANK YOU Krystle and Jana!!!  Ya'll are amazing! :)

Doesn't he look handsome and like a big boy!!??

Hunter and the Easter Bunny :)

After we found some eggs Hunter told this very nice lady (a complete stranger to him) "The Easter bunny is gonna hop to Honey's house and hide these eggs for me."  :)  He was a little excited!!! 

Mag Pie and Honey!  For some reason we never have many pictures of the kids with Honey.  I'm glad we got a good pic! (And doesn't lil Maggie look cute!)

Hunter and Avery (I don't think he was picking his nose, but he could have been)  This was the only good picture of these 2 cutes!

So Saturday night we met most of the family at Babe's in Sanger for dinner.  We had such a great time!  It was so good to see everyone!!!  Hunter got to meet Avery for the first time.  Avery is a few months younger than him and boy did they hit it off!  They were dancing, running, singing and playing ring around the rosie everywhere!  It was so cute!  I wish we would have had the camera earlier!  

At Babe's they have this huge chicken outside but there is a sign that says, "don't sit on the chicken".  Hunter couldn't stop talking about it!  He really wanted to sit on that chicken.  Hunter ordered a drink so he got a Babe's cup to take home and on the cup there was a chicken.  :)  Hunter kept saying (in his deep, serious voice) "See right there on that chicken?  It says Do Not Sit."  It was so funny!  

Hunter had to give Grammy Great and Avery a kiss when we left. 

When we got back from Babe's we colored some eggs.  This was Hunter's first time coloring eggs and he really liked it.  He did a really good job not splashing the dye when dropping in the eggs.  
Here he goes...  He was so proud of his eggs!

Finally Easter morning!  The Easter bunny did hop all the way to Honey's house!!

He was so serious looking for those eggs!  :)

Maggie found an egg, too! 

He had such a great time looking for eggs!  He really got into it this year.  Last year we were begging him to pick up eggs and this year he wouldn't let us touch them!  :)  

Now for the sad part... after finding eggs we got all dressed up and went to church, however we did not take pictures. :(  I know I am SUPER sad!!!  The kids looked so cute!  Don't worry... this Sunday Maggie is being dedicated to the church so we are ALL wearing our Easter outfits.  I WILL get pictures and post them!  Warning... Hunter looks super handsome and looks nothing like a baby and Maggie is just precious!  :( 

After lunch we rushed to the egg hunt in downtown Lindsay.  

And we played some...

Hunter loved the teter-toter :)  I liked it because I got a leg work out! :)

Ohh... and after the Lindsay hunt Hunter told us that the Easter bunny is going to go and hang out with Santa Claus.  :)  Where does he get this stuff!  It sounds right!

We ended the day with a little confetti eggs...

Hunter and Daddy getting each other at the same time!

Hunter getting Coach!

Hunter getting himself! :)

We had a great time!  Next year Maggie will be in on the fun of finding eggs.  Watch out Hunter! :)

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