Friday, April 9, 2010


Hooray!  It's Friday!!!  Yay for the weekend and Daddy being home!

We are having a great day!  It's beautiful outside and we can't wait to play!  Last night was a rough night but it is turning out to be a super, great day!  We missed our play date this morning with "Efan".  We were super sad!! :(  But both kids slept until 9 this morning!!!  Mommy soooo needed that! :)  Thank you Lord!  And sweet Amanda and Baby Owen came to visit!  So cute!! :)  We love you guys!  Thanks for coming over!

Now its on to naps!  Maggie is sweetly sleeping in her swing and Hunter is watching a Bug's Life.  I have a million things to do and here I am on the computer.  Oops! :)

I wanted to tell everyone Hunter's new saying.  Now when people leave he says, "Be careful and Merry Easter!" :)  Too cute!!!  I meant to write that in the Easter post but I forgot and just thought about it!  

And I got an email yesterday and guess what... Maggie's dedication has been changed from the 11:20 service to the... are you ready???  8:10 in the morning!!!!! ahhh oh know!!  Can we do it?  Jennings are not morning people!  But we can do it!  I am thinking positive thoughts and also thinking about the Sunday afternoon nap that we will ALL be taking!  :)

Don't you love the very random pics!?! :)  Have a great weekend!  More pictures in our Easter/Dedication outfits to come!!

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