Thursday, April 1, 2010

This week...

We have been having such a a great week!  I have been meaning to blog more, but some how I haven't... I'm sorry!  I'll try to do better! :)

So what have we been doing...

Let's see... We have been playing outside as much as we can.  Yesterday Hunter and I played football, soccer, blew some bubbles and fought "Packin Hook" with out swords in the backyard while Maggie did this...
She loves her Minnie Mouse! 

Now this might sound crazy, but Hunter is all of a sudden very interested in reading.  I know he is only 2 and he doesn't know all of his letters yet, but when we read he points to the words and asks over and over what they say.  He also likes to write his name.  It's mainly just a bunch of scribble but he wants to write.  I don't know... we might have a reader by the age of 4!?!?!

I know its not the best picture of Hunter-man but you can kind of see his baseball shirt. (He is not into getting his picture taken right now so getting a good picture is kind of hard.)

 Last night we had a baseball game and Hunter got to go!  He was so excited.  We tried to get him to put his shirt on the right way, but he insisted that he wear it backwards "I wanna see me name".  He is number 1/2 and the cutest one on the team!  He was cheering on his Daddy last night!  He ran up to give Daddy a hi-five after Daddy hit a home run (He hit 2 last night!!!!)  Yay Daddy!!!  What a sweet boy.  He also got to hunt these today at school...

He was soooo excited!  We went to Target on Tuesday night to get eggs for his class.  He picked them out all by himself and picked out some Kisses to put inside.  When we got home he sat down in the middle of the floor and filled every egg.  He was so proud.  When I woke him up on Wednesday the first thing he asked was if he got to go to school and give is friends his eggs. :)  So sweet!!!  I think he had a good time at school today!! :)

While Hunter was at school I got to play with Logan and Maggie!  
Aren't they cute!! :)

We had such a good day!  Logan and Maggie did super!  The took short naps at different times so I got to hold both of them a lot!  They didn't want to eat at the same time which was really nice for me.  They rolled all over the place!  They both talked to each other.  We had such a great day! 


They held hands :)

This was their first date, however they aren't allowed to date again until they are 30! :)

Sweet blonde, bald, blue eyed babies! :)

My Mag Pie is rolling everywhere!  She really wants to crawl, but she just can't figure it out yet.  She wiggles and moves all over the place.  I always knew she was a wiggle worm!  She can hold herself up so well now and she can sit up for a long time, too!  She is the sweetest baby!  

This is what happens if you don't buckle her in her chair.  She will wiggle right out!  (Don't worry I always buckle her in I just wanted to get a picture of her wiggling!)  

I guess that is all for tonight! 

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