Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do I have something on my face??

Okay I had to tell everyone this story!  

Sunday afternoon I really needed to go to the grocery store and Ben really needed to mow the back yard and so we decided we would get it all done during nap time.  Maggie was worn out from church and went right to sleep, but Hunter was a little harder.  He wanted to watch the old Parent Trap movie.  (He thinks the bear part is sooo funny!)  Anyway... so I left him laying in my bed watching the movie.  Ben was outside mowing.  So when I came home from the store I walk into my room to find Hunter sitting up in the bed.  He then asks, "Do you see anything different about my face?" and smiles this really big smile.  I didn't see anything... then he informs me he put my deodorant ALL over his face!  :)  So funny!  I found out yesterday he also put it all over his legs, feet and toes!  

Not just for your under arms! :)

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