Friday, May 13, 2011

Go Rays! 1st t-ball game

Sorry these pictures are so late!  It has been another crazy week at the Jennings house!   Anyway... here are pictures from Hunter's 1st t-ball game!  Go Rays! :)

Hunter-man is ready to play!!

Doing a little fielding before the game. 

Hunter's friends from church on his team.  #10 Emma, #11Wyatt and Hunter got number 12!  Colt McCoy's number!!! Yay!  It just worked out that way... we didn't even plan it! :)

getting ready! 
Team huddle before the game! :)

Hunter got to bat last this game.  Here he is stepping up to the plate! 

Crack!  Go Hunter-man!!!

Run Hunter!  

HomeRun!!!  Since Hunter was last to bat, he hit 2 home runs!  He loves running the bases!
Time to head out into the field! 

Hunter got to play 1st base for a while! 

Go Rays!

Get it Hunter! 

He needed a little gatorade before batting again!  He picked out some little gatorades just for baseball days! :)
Hunter's second time at bat! 

Ben thinks he looks like Coach in the picture! :)

Run Hunter Run!!!

Go Home! 

Here is cute Emma about to head out into the field. 
Hunter and Emma playing in the field. 

Let's go Hunter!

Good Game!

Hunter played a great game!  It was a lot of fun watching him and all the Rays play!  We will be up at the field again tomorrow morning at 8:30 for another game!  Yay!  Let's Go Rays!!!

Now on to making Maggie a Rays t-shirt to wear to Bubba's game tomorrow. :)

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