Friday, May 27, 2011


So yesterday after dinner our zoo was open to members only.  We were excited to go because... well Hunter could go to the zoo everyday and since it was open until 8 we thought the raccoon just might be awake. He wasn't :(  Anyway it was so nice!!!  The weather was perfect!  It was just so nice.  Well it was just me Maggie and Hunter and I didn't bring the stroller.  I thought it would be nice for Maggie to walk.  She loved it by the way!  She thought she was so big getting to walk like her brother.  Well after we saw the new bird exhibit an older lady mentioned how cute Maggie was chomping on some gum.  GUM?!?!  Maggie has never had gum.  Hunter doesn't really like gum much.  So anyway... I smiled and we walked past her then I quickly bent down and tried to pry Maggie's mouth open.  Yeah... she was chewing on a handful of rocks from the bird exhibit.  Yuck!  I got some out... the other stuff we might be seeing in a few days.  Mags!  I love that girl! 

Yum!  :)

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