Saturday, May 21, 2011

T-ball Game #3

Well we had another t-ball game this morning and it wasn't cold this time.  In fact it was kind of hot!  Anyway... here are a few pictures from the game.  

This is right before the game.  He LOVES that he has a pocket in his baseball pants.  He tells us all the time how cool it is.  :)  It's the little things! :)

Here he is after he batted the first time.  He didn't get a good hit this time at bat.  I don't think he was ready.  He was the first one to bat today.

Then he played 1st base! 

Ok... now after that wave he has to be serious and play ball! :)

Emma was ready! :)
Hunter was SUPER excited Uncle David and Brooke were coming to his game, but I think he was even more excited when David came out and helped him on 1st base! :)

2nd time at bat!  He got a peace of that ball this time.  Go Hunter-man! 

You can kind of see the ball in this picture... just past 2nd base right by his arm.  Go Hunter!!

Wyatt did awesome hitting today, too!  He hit a really good one! Go Wyatt! 

Maggie had fun running around at the ball field! 

And she LOVED sitting with Brooke!  

Back playing 1st base.  Hunter did awesome stopping the ball this week. 

He even got a few people out... well if they were playing outs. :)
Get it Hunter! 

Great game Rays!!!  You all did awesome! 

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