Friday, October 14, 2011

Archer's 1st Bath! :)

Tuesday, Archer got to take his first bath!  Yay!!!  

He did really well!!  He didn't cry at all!  I think he likes taking baths. 

So sweet!  This is the same bath tub that Maggie and Hunter used.  

As soon as I got him in the tub, in ran Hunter and Maggie.  They wanted to help!  Hunter washed his toes and Maggie watched.  She did wash him a little tiny bit. :)


Sweet, clean baby boy! 

Baby Elephant, Archer! 

Hunter had the PBK frog towel, Maggie the pink chick, and now Archer has the elephant!  

Putting lotion on his little back

Bye-bye!  Until next time...

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