Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Maggie!!!!

Sunday, was Maggie's 2nd birthday!  Can you believe it?  She is such a sweet little girl!!  I think my friend, Christina said it best, "She's not all sugar.  She's got some spice!"  She is so funny!  She makes us all laugh all the time.  She is also a little stinker at times.  She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it.  She is our climber and our future gymnast.  She will find anything and everything to stand on so she can stunt like the hsu cheerleaders.  She is not afraid of anything! :)  She gives the best hugs and pats on the back.  She won't go to sleep at night without kissing everyone goodnight.  She loves her brothers and her best friend is Hunter.  We are so blessed!  Maggie, we love you so much!!  Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you!  We are having Maggie's birthday party this Sunday, so yesterday we just had a few cupcakes at home.  

Make a wish!  
(I was afraid she was going to put her hand in the fire.  She almost did!)

Yummy cupcake!  I had to buy cupcakes from United.  We were to busy at homecoming yesterday. :(  I'll be making her cake for this weekend! 

It's easier to eat it like this, right? 
By the way she has been wearing her tinkerbell outfit ALL THE TIME!  I really can't believe she can fit into it.  It's from last Halloween and is a size 6 - 9 months!!!!  She loves it and had to wear it all day yesterday! :)

She was excited about the ring from her cupcake. 

Showing her ring to Daddy! :)

She also wanted to hold her little bubba last night.  She insisted on holding him! :)

Sweet kisses! 

Oh and not only was it Maggie's birthday...
Archer is 1 month old!!!  Already!?!?!

Maggie had to get on the floor with him

Love Love Love these 2 kiddos!  (Hunter was at Cubbies having fun learning about Jesus!)

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